Wenzhou Train Wreck Makes Chinese Government Look Untrustworthy

26 Jul

ChinaSmack translates a directive from propaganda officials to Chinese media:

The original has already been deleted, but is reprinted here: This morning, the higher-ups issued directives to CCTV and the media:

‘Newest requirements regarding Wenzhou accident reporting:

1. Use death and casualty numbers issued by authoritative departments;

2. Reporting should not be too frequent;

3. Report more moving stories, such as  people donating blood, taxis drivers not taking fares, etc.;

4. Don’t investigate the cause of the  accident, use information issued by authoritative departments;

5. Don’t do reflections or commentary [on  the accident/issues].





3、要多 報道感人事跡,如義務獻血和出租車司機不收錢等等;



The New York Times translated a post on the Chinese microblogging site Sina Weibo that criticizes the Chinese government for its headlong rush to become a global power:

‘China, please stop your flying pace, wait for your people, wait for your soul, wait for your morality, wait for your conscience! Don’t let the train run out off track [derail], don’t let the bridges collapse, don’t let the roads become traps, don’t let houses become ruins. Walk slowly, allowing every life to have freedom and dignity. No one should be left behind by our era.’

The website EastSouthWestNorth shows how the Wenzhou train wreck has landed on the front page of the majority of China’s newspapers.  The following is a slice of newspaper front pages throughout China.  Notice how the news of the train collision is treated by the national news, which in this case includes the People’s Daily, the Economic Daily and the PLA Daily, compared to the local metropolitan dailies (hint: refer to the above propaganda directive):


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