Public Hearing Witnesses Discovered to be “Fake Citizens”

24 Jul

According to this cartoon at QQ, netizens have been buzzing mad over the discovery that one Chengdu woman by the name of Hu Litian (胡丽天), 63, has been  “randomly” selected no less than 19 times within the past seven years to serve as a witness at government public hearings.  Netizens have vented their anger over this discovery by sharing their anger with other netizens.  Some netizens have objected to having been “represented” (“被代表”), which implies that they have been represented against their will, while still others have condemned the Chengdu hearing witness Hu Litian as the “most brazen public actor.”

In addition to retiree Hu Litian, there are three other “professional hearing witnesses” who have testified regularly as randomly selected citizens.  Oddly enough, they always seem to endorse the government’s position.   As the photo below shows, sitting from left to right are Hu Litian, Li Binghong (廖冰虹), Tang Houyi (唐厚义) and Zhang Jianyuan (张见远).  All four have been seen testifying as members of the public at public hearings. The frequency of their appearances at these events has raised serious questions about their credibility as real members of the public.

At a hearing in Harbin in northern China on December 8, 2009, a 59-year-old man by the name of Liu Tianxiao (刘天晓) tried unsuccessfully a handful of times to raise his hand and have his voice heard.  In his frustration to have the deputy director of Harbin Municipality, who was chairing the meeting, acknowledge him, Mr. Liu threw a bottle of water at him.  The incident became known by netizens as the  “2009 Chinese People’s Right to First Throw” (“2009中国百姓维权第一扔”).  Many of the doubts that netizens had of this particular hearing lie in the fact that they heard no opposing opinions raised during the hearing.


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