Guizhou Police: “If Condom Used, Not Rape.”

15 Jul

The China Geeks blog noted a story that has heated up on bulletin boards and other forums about a 26-year-old teacher who was raped by the director of Ashi township’s Bureau of Land and Resources (国土资源管理所) Wang Zhonggui  (王忠贵).   The woman, Zhou Qin (周琴), was forced by the principal of Ashi Middle School to accompany eight leaders from the bureau for drinks.  Because she was expected to drink with the men, she not unexpectedly became intoxicated from the heavy liquor that she drank to toast each of the men during their banquet celebrations.   Eventually, Ms. Zhou ended up in Mr. Wang’s office where he raped her while she was passed out from having had too much alcohol.  When Ms. Zhou reported the rape to the police, as the cartoon above depicts, she was told by the police that since a used condom was found at the scene, presumably the one Mr. Wang used for intercourse with Ms. Zhou, then there was no rape because a condom means that the sex was  consensual.  The cartoon shows a person wearing a condom over a rubber stamp, which is used to represent officials in China.

Update:  China Digital Times reports that Wang Zhonggui, the official accused of rape, has been arrested, nearly two months after the alleged crime took place.


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