Wuhan Bank Refuses Bank Cards for People with Common Surnames

13 Jul

An article on QQ discusses how a certain bank in Wuhan, China will not accept bank card applications from people with certain surnames in which too many people have the same surname.   A young woman named Ms. Zhou had joined an advertising firm after graduating from a well-known university in Wuhan and was instructed to open an account at the bank so that she could receive her wages electronically.    The male clerk at the bank said, however, that if she opened an account, she would only be given a bank book and not a bank card.  He said that a bank book would not cause a problem with payroll disbursement.   But the bank book method is inconvenient because there is no access to ATMs to keep up with account information on a real-time basis.   The clerk said that the reason for using bank books is that the first initials can be recognized more easily by the computer system.

When the reporter working this story pressed the clerk for further clarification, he said that he would have to defer to a senior bank official.   However, he did say that there was an instance of a person from Wuhan and one from Shanghai with the same first name, the same last name and the same I.D. card number(同名同姓同身份证号的情况) .  A senior official for the bank explained that a computer upgrade had recently begun and there have been some holes in the system which were causing problems with I.D. recognition.  The official said that once the upgrade is  completed, the problem of I.D. recognition should be resolved and a bank card will be issued to Ms. Zhou.


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