Profile of “Boy Wonder” from Shandong Province

10 Jul

A series from QQ called “One day—the Chinese People,”  spotlights a day in the life of different people. This particular article profiles the life of a 12-year-old boy named Gao Kai (高凯) who is from Guichang Village in the county of Tancheng in Shandong Province.  He learned to drive his family’s tractor when he was 10 so that he can help his handicapped father manage their crops.  His father suffered a crushed leg after falling into a mixing blender while working on a construction site.  The father was rated as a level two handicap which basically means that he is capable of doing no more than piecemeal housework.  When the boy was five years old, his mother walked out after she felt that her life was barren of hope.   Without knowing what had happened, the boy could only hopelessly watch with envy other children his age rejoice in the arms of their mothers.

During his lunch break the boy heads home from school to help his father.  Afterwards, he returns to school to continue his classes.  His teacher describes him as one of the best students in the class.  He says that he wants to do well in school so that he can get a good job and take care of his father.  By now, says the boy, he doesn’t know what it feels like to have a mother.  The article  describes him as a boy with thin strong arms who has been forced to grow up before his time.

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