Nanyang Netizen and Police Say What’s on Their Minds

6 Jul

A netizen from Nanyang City in Henan Province posted a complaint on the message board of the city’s mayor.  The page is called, “Secretary Mayor’s Online Message Board. Tell the Mayor What’s on Your Mind.”

One netizen took the mayor up on his web page offer and wrote a fiercely worded post that blasted the police for the way they were handling the city’s horrendous traffic problem.  The netizen criticized the police for spending far too much time handing out tickets to too many people which in turn causes long lines of traffic jams.  This prompted a short-tempered response from the Nanyang Municipal Public Security Bureau, aka the police, which in turn rattled everyone’s nerves.   The police official who issued the rebuke said the online comments were “against the tide” (逆潮流而动) and were considered “wishful thinking” ( 螳臂挡车).

The cartoon below shows the police rebuking the netizen who voiced his complaint.  The policeman is saying, “The public safety organization will listen to what you say, watch what you do, watch for the aftereffects of…….”  The full sentence of what was said continues, “and we will closely watch for whether your inflammatory remarks have any bad influence on society and then we will deal with this as is appropriate.”

SOHU reports that the police official who was responsible for the outburst has since apologized online and has been sent for further training. The cartoon below, posted on QQ, shows the man standing in the middle of the road holding up a sign that says “opinion.”  The car looks like a police car that may or may not stop for the pedestrian.

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