Zhang Zhaohong is China’s Top Military TV Commentator

4 Jul

I have translated part of an article that was posted on QQ on July 6, 2010.

Zhang Zhaozhong (张召忠) is China’s top military commentator on military culture who speaks regularly on television on military matters.  He has an entire page dedicated to his interviews on QQ.  Born in 1953 in Hebei Cangzhou (河北沧州), considered China’s “hometown of martial arts”), Zhang was extremely shy as a child. Ironically, he never did study the martial arts but ended up enlisting in the military.  At Beijing University he studied Arabic but was told by his teacher that because his tongue was too hard, he would never be able to pronounce the vibrato sounds natural to Arabic no matter how hard he tried unless he was willing to undergo surgery.  After the surgery, he spoke the language in standard and fluent fashion.

On the eve of the Gulf War in 1991, his reputation was set when he predicted the outbreak of the war, the time, direction and scale, becoming a sensation in military circles.  In 1998 he predicted that in 1999 the world would see three military events take place.  The first was that the Iraq War would continue; the second was that Kosovo would happen; and the third was that India would conduct a nuclear weapon or missile test.  All three predictions have come true.  While some say that he is like a prophet, Zhang Zhaohong says that all of his predictions are based on scientific judgments and inference.

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