Mongolian Herders Beaten by Chinese Riot Police

2 Jul

A report by Reuters, highlighted at China Digital Times, reveals that Mongolian herders  have been attacked by local riot police in Bayannuur
during protests that were sparked by anger over a lead mine that has expanded onto a piece of grazing land.  The status and health of those arrested remain unknown.  And last month a major disturbance took place in Inner Mongolia after an ethnic Mongolian herder had been killed by a truck after he participated in a protest against pollution caused by a coal mine.   This sounds similar to what Chinese coal mining conglomerates are doing to farms in New South Wales in Australia.  See my blog on this here.

The author and singer of a rap song that calls attention to the protests and the death that sparked them has not been heard from since he was  warned repeatedly by the local State Security Bureau  not to go online or speak to people outside of Mongolia.  You can hear the song, in
Mandarin Chinese, at New York-based Southern Mongolian Human Rights Information Center.  The first part of the lyrics are translated below:

Yo, I am a Mongol
even if I sing my rap in Chinese
No matter what you say I am a Mongol
Mongol blood flows in my veins
The vast Mongolian steppe is my homeland

Once green
Mongolian plateau turned to yellow
Beautiful grasslands turning to desert
The government says it is the herders’ fault
Have you ever thought about it carefully?
Whose fault is it really?
Overgrazing is a myth and a lie
We have grazed animals here thousands of years
Why has the desertification started since only a few decades ago?

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