Chinese Mining Company Uses “Art of War” Strategem to Buy Up Farms in Australia

30 Jun

The China Digital Times has pointed out a story in The Australian about a sixth generation farming family in Australia that has resisted the temptation to sell his farm to the Chinese mining giant Shenhua Watermark Coal (神华集团) that has been buying up many coal-laden farms throughout the New South Wales in Australia.

Mr Clift does not begrudge those who have sold up and moved out. All but one of the neighbouring properties are now owned by Shenhua. But he’s “disgusted” at how the federal government’s failure to regulate such a large-scale foreign takeover of valuable farming land has effectively killed a local community, turning it from a farming region to a mining hub almost overnight.

“A community has been torn apart – everyone’s gone,” he said.

Leave it to the Chinese to find a way to exploit a community for the sake of profit.  It’s exactly what the Chinese government has been doing to communities throughout China with forced demolitions of old houses that are either in the way of larger construction projects or are considered eyesores.

Apparently, the article says that those who sold their farms to Shenhua were forced to sign a non-disclosure agreement about talking about the sale. The Chinese bought all around one farm, which was then forced to sell or they would be surrounded by coal mines and what farm wants to be surrounded by coal mines?

The problem with selling to Chinese companies is that many of them are owned by the Chinese Communist Party, which controls the Chinese government.  The article continues with a quote from an individual who is familiar with foreign capital flows:

“Certainly in my last two or three years on foreign investment, there was a greater concentration of investment in Australia by companies controlled by foreign governments, rather than foreign entities, and that is always a concern,” he said.

“Virtually every company that does invest in Australia out of China really is controlled by the Communist Party.”

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